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Screw The Math; GOP Should Cut Tax Rates Further
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Mitt Romney ended up getting more votes in the 2012 election than John McCain did in the 2008 election. But despite the fact that Barack Obama had 4,000,000 fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008, he won because he managed to convince enough stupid people in key states to not vote for Romney. It didn't matter that Romney had Paul Ryan, one of the smartest guys in government, as his running mate; it didn't matter that Romney had been a success in his private endevors; it didn't matter that Romney was a good man. Obama ran a wholly unpresidential and dirty campaign to call Romney a racist, misogynist, corrupt murderer, and got away with it, with assistance from the immoral Democrat media.

Conservatives know for a fact that increasing tax rates on the rich will do nothing to solve the federal government's spending insanity. We know for a fact that following the 2003 tax rate cuts, federal revenue increased to record levels by 2007; unfortunately, spending never did go down, although the deficits were reduced year after year. We have empirical data, the math, proving the problem with the federal government is the spending. Yet, Obama is winning the tax argument in spite of the facts. Worse, he's got the dummies running the Republican Party falling for Obama's lies, confirming the GOP is the stupid party.

So how does the GOP stop being stupid? Simple. Be politically bolder and turn Obama's arguments against him. Obama wants the tax rates of the top two percent of income earners raised. Republicans should write a bill that leaves in place the rates for those income levels, but reduces the current tax rates for the rest of the income levels. And forget all this nonsence of closing out deductions.

Democrats, especially Obama, do not want a serious discussion whatsoever about revenues or spending. It is a fact that if Democrats get their tax increases, they will use it for even more spending, not to reduce the debt. Republicans know this; yet, they are still under the delusion the people will support them in order to have a more fiscally responsible federal government, even though the 2012 election should have removed that fallacy from their pea brains.

According to some conservatives, Obama wants the current tax rates for all income levels to expire so that he can come in early in 2013 and demand Congress lower the tax rates for 98% of the people to what are now the current levels. He would then be able to own what would be the Obama middle class tax cuts. It's false, insulting, and devoid of logic to think leaving the tax rates as they are now is somehow a tax cut; but, Obama has the media on his side to sell that lie.

According to other conservatives, it's Boehner who wants the current tax rates to expire and then come through with "tax cuts", taking the credit for reducing rates to what they are now. There is one HUGE problem with this line of thinking; the media will still call them the Obama middle class tax cuts. They won't let the GOP or Boehner take credit for anything, even if it is true.

Which is why Boehner and Republicans should out-Obama Obama and demand that the rates for all income levels save the top two be reduced now, regardless of how economists will view it. The plan will rightly be called fiscally irresponsible. However, the country didn't re-elect Obama because he was fiscally and economically responsible. The difference with this plan compared to other plans the GOP has put forth is that it doesn't increase spending. The GOP should have learned that you can't beat Democrats by being Democrats in all but name. Instead, Republicans in Congress should act like Republicans and cut tax rates.

It's entirely possible a rate reduction would have a positive impact on the economy, although not as great an impact if the right tax reductions were implemented (further cutting corporate rates and reducing regulatory burdens). Democrat economists have lied about the effects of tax rates for year, purposely using static analysis to claim lower tax rates reduce the revenue flow into the federal government, despite the fact there is overwhelming evidence disproving what they say. But they never change their model because it would harm Democrats, so they stick with it.

Will it happen? Come on. I wasn't born yesterday. Boehner and the GOP continue to prove themselves to be the stupid party time and time again. Boehner's actions over the last month have confirmed it. As far as I'm concerned, the only other smart thing Boehner should have done is to sent Congress home for the rest of the session and let Democrats own the tax rate increases when they come. Instead, he chose to fight; worse, he sucks at it. But perhaps there is a member of Congress, possibly yours, who will see the political wisdom of cutting these tax rates. Obama, Democrat politicians, and the Democrat media will certainly blame Republicans for causing the current tax rates to rise when the new year begins, making it much harder to fight Obama when the debt ceiling battle begins in earnest next year. So instead of fighting Democrats, and losing, by trying to maintain all of the tax rates, they need to fight for a rate reduction for all but the highest income levels before this session of Congress ends. When Obama and the Democrats balk, and I believe they will, Obama will truly own the tax rate increases coming in January.

Forget math. It isn't working. Instead of playing into Democrats' rules, change the rules.

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Response to Red State Post 1


2012-12-08 03:19 pm (UTC)

Dear Scipy;
It is rhetoric like yours that helps the Dems win elections. No room for moderates anymore in the republican party. Insults, only help you lose any message you may have. You turn people off.... & only fuel the fire for some extreme right wing lock-step individuals. So, i guess keep it up if you want to alienate the majority of both parties. Get over it...The Republicans lost this Election......even Ann Colter realizes that fact.

Re: Response to Red State Post 1


2012-12-08 03:38 pm (UTC)

It wasn't rhetoric like mine that allowed Dems win elections. It was stupid people believing lies like the ones you put in your comment and lies Obama and the Democrats peddled. You'd like to think Obama was elected god-king to rule over us. But you and I both know there were nearly 500 other elections that occurred at the same time, elections that allowed the GOP to retain control of the House and expand their majorities in the states.

But the truth is, Obama and the current Democrats are the extremists. Instead of having an objective media keep an eye on their murderous malfeasance, the media by and large is an extension of the same Democrat extremists who care more about the Party than how their profession is viewed, and care more about the Party than the country.

Obama won by lying and being a pathological liar. This is the reality. It's what you voted for. Truth hurts, don't it?

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