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Bush's Christmas Gift to The One
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Like many conservatives, I supported the initial bank assistance proposal from the Bush administration, although only tepidly.  But as we've seen these last couple of months or so, that "assistance" has turned into a major bailout, now being extended to two of the Big Three of the U.S. auto industry, along with the woefully behind-the-times UAW.  And the other thing being seen is that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson doesn't know what the hell he's doing, and by extension, neither does the Bush administration.  As the President admitted the other day, he and his administration have abandoned free market principles in order to supposedly save the free market system.  Compared to Herbert Hoover, who took 4 years to do this, Bush has managed to accomplish his handiwork in a matter of months.  Hoover ended up giving the liberals a gift and FDR benefited greatly from it, being elected President four times, despite the fact that his policies exacerbated and lengthened the Great Depression, not end it.  I fear that President Bush has done the same with regards to BO and the liberals, who will now be able to foist a hugely socialist agenda that will exacerbate a worsening economic situation.  About the only thing that will curtail this over the next couple of years is if there is a lot of infighting between the new administration and the leadership in Congress, something that very well could occur, and the people vote for conservative Republicans during the next congressional elections in 2010.  Then, as was done with the Clinton administration, much of BO's agenda can be thwarted, provided Republicans begin acting like conservatives again instead of liberals.

See, this is the thing most conservative pundits fail to mention, the constant antagonism between the Legislative and Executive branches of the federal government.  The four years when the Bush administration had a majority of members in his own party in both Houses in that there were many non-defense related administration initiatives that got passed by Congress, although not all of them did (reforming Social Security never got off the ground).  Democrat Clinton ran into this with the Democratic majority in Congress during the 103rd Congress, as did Democrat Carter during his time as President (he also had a Congress with Democrats in the majority in the two Houses).  The two branches are often at odds with how things are to be done, and frequently it is Congress that has the upper-hand in these matters, as they really are supposed to have; the President is not supposed to impose his will on the country for the most part (with some notable exceptions that have been deemed constitutional).  So, we'll see what happens over the next couple of years as to whether or not The One has a compliant Congress to pass his laws, as FDR did, or if we see the liberals wreck themselves with an economic disaster looming in the background, and while the country is still at war.

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